Whitney Nic James-West
Content Creator, Whitney 'Nic' James
Founder, Fearless Woman I am

"Tiona has truly been a godsend and I am so thankful that we're connected. She helped me grow and navigate through my marriage as a Christian wife more than she will ever know. I've made significant changes in the way I approach certain things in my marriage, as well as the way I handle balancing work and being an entrepreneur. I've also made plans and have stared incorporating self-care into my daily and weekly routine. Though small, I already see positive change. Through prayer, discipline and communication we are at least a month ahead on most of our major bills, we're also able to take our first out of the country vacation, together, this year in August! Little things like that are a clear indication that we are working together towards common goals. God is good! Thanks again, SO MUCH, for your wisdom, guidance and constant prayers. I look forward to staying connected."

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